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As Turkey's leading digital distributor, we began our journey in October 2016 and still continue to distribute many respectable brands digital products throughout Turkey, Europe, MENA, and Global.

We Partner with AAA Game Publishers

Quantic Dream
Paradox Interactive
Frontier Developments
505 Games
Warner Games
Take Two Interactive
TinyBuild Games
Iceberg Interactive
Giants Software

About 5Deniz

5Deniz, a long-standing player in the rapidly digitizing world, offers digital games, gift cards, prepaid cards, software licenses, and other digital products at competitive prices.

About 5Deniz
We Are Experts in Global Digital Distribution

We Are Experts in Global Digital Distribution

5Deniz, which has adopted digital game distribution as its main focus, provides support to hundreds of partners ranging from independent studios to AAA publishers. By transmitting the digital sales of studios to different areas, 5Deniz expands the reach of many studios to new audiences.

Whether you are a self-publishing studio, a top-notch development team, or a globally recognized studio, 5Deniz meets all of your needs during the digital distribution process.

We are Experienced in Game Distribution and Promotion

5Deniz, with its expert and professional team, brings millions of players from all over the world to your project, introduces them to it, and helps you make a strong entry into the gaming world..

With a presence at world-renowned events, 5Deniz supports your project with corporate, individual and special promotions at these events and shares project details with its partners in various fields.

We Don't Just Distribute, We Develop!

We do not limit ourselves to distributing digital game codes! We are also developing brand new, exciting games with our expert team!

Face Your Past, Shape Your Future!

Play as a Venetian in the 17th century Ottoman Empire and face the darkness of his past. Try to solve the problems in your past and deal with the impossibilities of your future!Customize your hero, choose wisely in challenges, and solve mysteries of The Compass in your quests for adventure and truth!


A Mysterious Look at a True Story!

Most of the stories told in Compass of The Destiny are based on real events. Müneccim Ahmed Dede, who sends the protagonist on expeditions, the Battle of Crete, the Venetian-Ottoman relationship and all the features of Istanbul have been created as a result of detailed research. The events that took place in the 17th century Ottoman Empire and the world were researched and these historically true stories were blended with fantastic elements.

We Distribute Indie Games


In this fictional world, witness the journey of Kenji, who lives on a small island in a deserted corner of Japan, meet other people and lead the story of Kenji. Kenji, who lives alone on the island of Toshi, one day had to do something he did not want, and his whole life changed. As a player, you are free to designate your enemies as friends and your friends as enemies.


Ex Natura: Nature Corrupted

Ex Natura: Nature Corrupted is a souls-like game with Enrage mechanic which sets in a Nature themed dark fantasy world. Fight your way from the deepest dungeons to the top of the clouds and save the corrupted nature in this mysterious "pre-human" era-themed epic story.

 Ex Natura: Nature Corrupted

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Potion Craft is an alchemist simulator where you physically interact with your tools and ingredients to brew potions. You're in full control of the whole shop: invent new recipes, attract customers and experiment to your heart's content. Just remember: the whole town is counting on you.

 Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is an online first-person 'slasher' game inspired by battles in medieval movies. Players are immersed in the action in the midst of battles, where they can relive the most famous moments of the era, from clashing swords to showers of flame arrows and massive castle sieges

 Chivalry 2
Hediye Kartları

We Make Your Life Easier With The Top Brands

By distributing leading brands in the industry, 5Deniz carries out the supply and marketing processes of many products that make consumers' lives easier, such as gift cards, wallet codes, in-game balances, and platform memberships.

5Deniz's quality standards help it rise to a leading position in the industry, while also gaining the trust of consumers. Visitors enjoy the privilege of benefiting from 5Deniz's high-quality services while enjoying the freedom to shop wherever they want.

We Partner With Top Brands

Nvidia GeForce Now
Google Play
Razer Gold
Riot Games


The Platform to Meet All Your Digital Needs

  • Over 3,000 Official Games!
  • More Than 100,000 Customers! (Within the Last 1 Year)
  • Over 2 Million Official Game Key Sales!
  • Increasing Confidence And Positive Comments!
  • Global service including Europe - America - Asia - Middle East and Turkey!

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