Digital Distribution Solutions

As Turkey's leading digital distributor, we began our journey in October 2016 and still continue to distribute many respectable brands digital products throughout Turkey, Europe, MENA, and Global.


We are an Expert in Global Digital Distribution

We all know now: the whole world is rapidly digitizing. At this point, 5Deniz captures the spirit of the time and offers primarily digital games, gift cards, prepaid cards, software licenses, e-books and other digital products at an affordable price. Customers will get always surprised by renewed campaigns and discounts.

Quantic Dream
505 Games

What We Do?

Our main work field is digital game distribution. Beside that we also share knowledge in other fields with our partners.

Do not miss the opportunity to work with a motivated team that specializes in digital products, and will give you the best services and best support you hope for.

Digital Distribution

We have a huge catalogue for games, gift cards, ebooks and software licenses which we offer through our store.

Digital Distribution Software

You need an ERP System for your digital business? Here you are at the right place.

Create Your Own Digital Gift Card

We help brands create their own Digital Gift Cards and reach potential customers through our global distribution network.

Entertainment Products

We deal also with physical products esspecially for games accessories, toys and more.

Game Distribution Service

For the pc game developers, we have a sophisticated distribution service via our global network of distributors and e-commerce owners.

We established successful partnerships with small to pioneer stores and big distribution companies. We can make sure that your game will be available and ready to promote around the globe in an instant.

Quality Results
Affordable Pricing
Easy To Use
Top Customer Support
Effectively Increase

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