Privacy Policy


5Deniz LTD. is a digital distributor of video games. We are based at Mebusevleri Mah. Ergin sk. No 24/14 , 06570, Cankaya Ankara / Turkiye. You can contact us at

Hereby privacy policy provides detailed information about protecting the personal information of users entering the 5Deniz.

The personal information of all users visiting our site (name, surname, address, e-mail, identity information, etc.) is called "personal information" on our website.

The "personal information" of the users and visitors on is processed and recorded in accordance with the rules determined in this privacy policy. The personal information of users will not be used or stored except for purposes not covered by this privacy policy. In addition, all this information is stored and processed with the consent of the site visitors.

5Deniz management has made detailed preparations for the protection and storage of all this information, and the protection of the information is regularly checked. All visitor transactions are protected and guaranteed.

5Deniz has the right to use various software and programs to maintain this privacy and manage the process and has taken all necessary precautions strictly. However, against all these measures, software pirate attacks can occur on the site, unfortunately. The 5Deniz is not responsible for attacks by third parties. It is entirely the responsibility of the users to ensure their own security. This website is solely responsible for taking action for security.

Users visiting our website cannot access the personal information of other users "in normal ways" and this personal information is not shared with anyone.

Only management and users themselves can access the personal information of the visitors on the site. Additionally, the user can request the 5Deniz site administration to update this information.

The 5Deniz website can be used by our company and our partners. "Personal information" can be used and stored for purposes such as advertising, promotion, and marketing. On the other hand, this personal information can be used by the site administration for various purposes to strengthen, update and improve site activities and security.

"Personal information" can be requested by administrative institutions. In this case, user data and personal information can be shared with government agencies in all detail.

In addition, personal information may be used, if necessary, to speed up site operations and to strengthen communication between users, and the information may be shared with other users for this purpose. 5Deniz management cannot be held responsible for sharing this information.

5Deniz is free to use the statistical information of visitors of this website. This information can be stored, processed, or shared with required and authorized third parties. However, users are able to change their browser settings to prevent these kinds of actions if they wish.

Data Retention

5Deniz will retain your personal data for as long as we have lawful grounds to do so. Specific retention periods depend on the purpose and legal base of processing, for example:

  • personal data required to provide services, for the time of providing such services and after that, for the time required by legal provisions (e.g. on accountancy) or to handle possible claims
  • personal data that must have been collected for anti-money laundering legislation requirements, including for identification, screening, and reporting, as a rule for 5 years after the termination of our relationship or after the date of an occasional transaction, unless we are required to retain this information for the purposes of court or administrative proceedings,
  • Personal data processed on the basis of your consent, as a rule until such consent is withdrawn

Visitors of are deemed to have accepted this Privacy Policy in advance and are responsible for all on-site activity. Users are responsible for ensuring their own security in transactions within the site, 5Deniz management is not responsible for any damages that may arise otherwise.